What is Thermal Destratification?

Thermal destratification is the equalisation of the air temperature throughout a building or enclosed space.

The significance of this is that this prevents warmer air in a room, factory or warehouse rising to the ceiling and cold air sinking to the most important area i.e. the floor. 

The benefits of destratification are clear:

  • More comfortable working environment
  • Between 20% – 40% reduction of heating bills
  • Significantly reduced cooling bills
  • Lowered carbon footprint

Why Airius?

Airius destratification ceiling fans are the most efficient destratification products available. They are the only fan specifically designed for the purpose of moving warm air vertically downwards, as opposed to more conventional “fan-in-a-box” products.

The free hanging Airius destratification ceiling fan is an extremely efficient wind turbine that is suspended just below ceiling height. Each ceiling fan takes in the hot ceiling air and transports it to the floor in a non-turbulent, low-velocity column of air. It is the unique design of the fan casing, which incorporates flow straighteners and a venturi-effect nozzle, that makes the unit so effective. The Airius method of thermal destratification, which is still relatively new to the UK, is more cost effective than the alternative traditional oversized ceiling fans or re-engineering the existing HVAC system. It is extremely energy efficient, reducing heating costs by up to 40%, thus helping you save on your energy bills.

In addition to being more effective than other destratification products at equalising temperatures, AIRIUS fans are:

  • Almost silent in operation – suitable for noise sensitive applications
  • Cheap to run – Low energy motors give minimal running costs
  • Simple and cost effective to install
  • Capable of yielding ROI of 12 − 18 months
  •  Airius destratification ceiling fans integrate with any existing HVAC system be it forced ventilation, evaporative cooling or air conditioning