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Circular Aluminium External Louvre

Circular Aluminium External Louvre

Eggcrate Grille

Eggcrate Grille Product Code: ECG - Aluminium construction - White finish - Square neck

Eggcrate Grille with Opposed Blade Damper

Eggcrate Grille with Opposed Blade Damper Product Code: ECG-OBD - Aluminium construction - White finish - Opposed blade damper

External Louvre

External Louvre Product Code: WL38-M

Extract Air Valve – Metal

Extact Air Valve - Metal

Extract Air Valve – Plastic

Supply Air Valve - Metal

Plastic Grille Box

Plastic Grille Box Product Code: PGB - Heavy Duty Plastic - Multiple spigot sizes - Flanged grille connection

Supply Air Valve – Metal

Supply Air Valve - Metal