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Our mission at Vent Store is to offer the best ventilation products at the best prices, delivered to your door.  Whether you are a keen DIY’er who wants to replace that old noisy bathroom fan, or a trade customer looking for a complete range of commercial fans and accessories, we can help.

We are the online store of Fairhaven H&V Services, a B2B company that has been trading for over 20 years.  We are specialists in ventilation products and solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

Based in Northern Ireland, we are ideally placed to serve customers in both UK and the Republic of Ireland, with next day delivery available on most stocked items (subject to carriage restrictions).

If you need ventilation, come to Vent Store!

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Greenwood Unity dMEV fan

£82.68 Ex VAT
Greenwood Unity dMEV fan - Superior Performance - Continuous or intermittent running - Guaranteed installed performance - Easy commissioning - Extremely quiet running

Silavent Greenline 100mm Energy Efficient Axial fan GTF-100SBS

£12.68 Ex VAT
Silavent Greenline 100mm Energy Efficient Axial fan GTF-100SBS - One of the lowest Specific Fan Powers available, at 0.22 W/(l/s) - Use up to 70% less power on standby than many other low energy fans - Reduce carbon emissions by up to 60% (combined running and standby) - Exceed Parts F & L of 2010 Building Regulations (UK)

S&P TD-160/100 NT SILENT Mixed flow Inline fan with run on timer – 100mm

£92.56 Ex VAT
S&P TD-160/100 N SILENT Mixed flow Inline fan - 100mm - Low profile casing - Suitable for longer duct runs and higher pressure applications - Two speed motor - Built in mounting frame with quick-release motor clips

S&P VENT-100NK Inline Centrifugal Duct Fan

£76.46 Ex VAT
S&P VENT-250NK Inline Centrifugal Duct Fan - Low cost - High pressure - Robust Steel Casing

S&P TCBB/4-400/H Axial fan

£374.20 Ex VAT
S&P TCBB/4-400/H Axial fan

S&P Silent-200-CZ Wall fan

£76.73 Ex VAT
Model SILENT-200-CZ with backdraught shutter and ball bearing motor. Axial flow fan for wall or ceiling installation, designed to solve ventilation problems in small rooms and bathrooms.

S&P TCBB/4-355/H Axial fan

£325.21 Ex VAT
S&P TCBB/4-355/H Axial fan

S&P TCBB/4-450/H Axial fan

£467.78 Ex VAT
S&P TCBB/4-450/H Axial fan

S&P TCBB/4-315/H Axial fan

£311.83 Ex VAT
S&P TCBB/4-315/H Axial fan

S&P Silent-100-CRZ Wall fan

£84.27 Ex VAT
S&P Silent-100-CRZ Wall fan Product Code: SILENT-100-CRZ - silent operation - ball bearings - run on timer - 100mm duct connection

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