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Commercial Kitchen Fan & Inverter packages from S&P

S&P CVAT fan

Are you looking for a more reliable and efficient commercial kitchen fan option but only have single phase mains ? S&P’s new range of packaged fans and VSDs available from Vent-store could be the solution.

Commercial kitchen extract systems are one of the most difficult environments for a fan to survive in, but single phase fans are particularly susceptible to reliability problems when used in kitchen extract.

Single phase electronic speed controls are inefficient, and when used on low speed for long periods can lead to motor overheating and premature failure.

S&P are now offering an alternative solution with their “packaged” fan and inverter kits.  Each basic kit consists of a fan with a 230V 3-phase motor, and a 1-phase in, 3-phase out inverter Variable Speed Drive (VSD).  This allows a more reliable 3-phase motor setup to be installed as a direct replacement for a single phase fan, or in new installations when 400v mains is not available.

The packages are based around three existing and well proven S&P fan ranges, the well known TCBTx2 twin impeller cased axial (a.k.a “Turboprop”), and the CVAT and KABT boxed centrif models.


Backward curved acoustic cabinet fans such as the CVAT-N range are growing in popularity across the ventilation sector. They offer a much quieter and more efficient kitchen ventilation solution than axial fans, and offer other advantages such as adaptable airflow configurations, easy motor replacement and better pressure at lower airflows.


The KABT utilises a similar backward curved acoustic design to the CVAT but with the motor out of the airstream. This makes the fan suitable for continuous operation in temperatures of up to 100 deg C, ideal for demanding extract applications such as charcoal grills and wok burners.


TCBTx2 TCBBx2 cased axial fan

The popular TCBTx2 contra-rotating (twin impeller) cased axial fans are well known in the UK and Irish markets as a cost effective yet high performance fan for kitchen extract. Available in 450, 500 and 560 and 630 diameters, they cover most of the typical airflow requirements for commercial kitchens, and are suitable for internal or external mounting as standard.

Inverter controls

The new 230V 1ph-3ph digital inverter controllers that are packaged with these fans offer all the benefits of a conventional 3-phase VSD, including:

  • More efficient operation, even at low speeds
  • Built-in overload/overcurrent protection for the fan motor (no need to use TK contacts)
  • More accurate and stable speed control with digital display and push-button control of operating speed
  • Optional remote speed control station with on/off switch
  • BMS enable, speed control (0-10V) & fault outputs as standard

Peace of mind

Designers and specifiers can choose the new S&P ranges safe in the knowledge that all of the packaged fans are fully compliant with the latest EcoDesign Directive EU1253:2018 (ErP) and that, when properly selected and installed, they will meet the requirements of Part L for specific fan powers. The new fan packages are being offered with a generous extended 3-year warranty from S&P (subject to terms & conditions), which gives peace of mind for installers and end users.

Pricing and availability

The new fan & VSD packages offer pricing that is comparable or in some cases even cheaper than the old single phase units with electronic speed controller, making it a “no brainer” choice when replacing an old kitchen extract fan for single phase supply. We usually have stock of all sizes of the TCBTx2 and CVAT ranges, plus most of the